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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Day 32

I dare you to use those three words.

I know it is hard for some people to say I love you. Not necessarily in the case of significant others. But in everything. Telling family and friends every chance you get. Its hard sometimes to decipher between extreme like and love and lust. But sometimes it is just right.
There are certain people in my life that I constantly say I love you to. Family is a no brainer for me. Even the cousins and distant ones. I am not super close with my extended family but that doesn't mean I don't love them. They are blood.
Then there are my friends. I have a few super close friends who I say it to. After pretty much every phone conversation. Now I have friends who I care about very much and would most likely do anything for. However. They and I both know that we are not as close as I am with other people. So the phrase is used rarely.
I have one friend who is, for the sake of using the term, my best friend. He has been by my side the longest and most consistently of all my friends. And with him, not a day goes by that we have not exchanged at least four "I love you"s. It is just what we do. Neither of us is afraid to admit that we love each other.
Its not hard to say. It is just hard to know the accurate times to use it.
I think it should be used more often with friends and family but I by no means think it should be used early on in relationships. It absolutely has to be earned and be from the heart.
People say the word 'hate' is too strong for what it is used for and for how often it is used. But don't you think the same goes for 'love'?

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