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Sunday, April 8, 2012

Day 76

So I have clearly not been doing the blogging as much lately as I wanted to. But I have been feeling like my posts are repetitive. I am sick of just venting. I dont want to come across as a negative person.
Things for me lately have been emotionally going up wards. Which is a really nice change. I could use a better job with more money so that I could get my financial stability back on track but at least for right now things are starting to look up.
I found a four leaf clover wannabe today. I feel like that is a sign of good luck. And I could really use that.
My support team lately has been awesome! I have a great family who I get to see a lot. And I have really gotten some signs of who my real friends are lately. There are some people that I always thought would be part of my life and they are starting to drift away. Which is sad but it is ok. Because I have a lot of people that stand by me and show up right when I need them. I have discovered being a part of peoples lives is not as easy as I used to think it was. But the people that honestly let you in, are the only ones you really need.
The next couple weeks are going to be insanely busy but good for my soul. I am so excited to have vacation time and spend time with family.
Things seem to be going well right now. Keep the good luck flowing!

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