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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Day 74

Oh my goodness I am exhausted tonight.
Today was insanely busy but it was all good. It started yesterday actually. I had a sleepover with my Rosenip and then spent the day with my momma and then work and then dinner with my brother in law and then home to fold laundry and head to bed.
I cleaned my room yesterday because I was expecting to have people at my house but instead went to her house. So coming home tonight was nice because my room is super clean and organized. That is why I stayed up a little later to fold laundry. I want it to stay clean.Next project is my car. I want that to be clean and organized also.
I am so ready to have a nice day with good people again tomorrow also.
I went so long without a social life that I feel like this weekend is so much. But its good too. You find out who you're friends are.
Also. Two weeks till I get to see my family!

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