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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Day 31

I dare you to appreciate.

Today my mother and I went to a local college and took part in Charles Dicken's 200th birthday party. It was pretty interesting to see the people who were there and totally obvious which ones were required to be there and which ones were there simply because they wanted to be.
We were part of the latter group.
It amazing that one person could have had such an amazing impact on the entire world. Everyone knows who he is and has at least heard of the things he has written. But I don't think many people in my generation actually appreciate it.
He was clearly an amazing writer and had such a wild imagination. I can't even imagine being able to come up with all of the words for all of the characters.
It is truly amazing. And it makes me appreciate my childhood more. I was lucky to be raised on books written by such a man.

P.s. I have completed one month without missing a day.

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  1. Yay for you! I'm proud of you that you've stuck with this. I hope it's been a good and fulfilling experience so far and I hope you continue with it.