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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Day 24

I dare you to take chances.

Within reason of course. I have been experimenting with color changes in my hair.
It had pink in it for a while and I just switched to green.
I really like the little bit of color mixed into the brown.  But it is also just me being risky.
Take a chance. Do something risky.

Monday, January 30, 2012

Day 23

I dare you to be irreplaceable.
I think its a rare thing for employers to find a good employee that doesn't have to try but just does their job. With a smile.
I don't mean to brag but I have been that person a few times. And yes it feels good knowing that you are the most irreplaceable person they have. Doesn't mean it is not possible to still replace you. But you can take pride in knowing someone saw what you were doing.

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Day 22

I dare you to rearrange.
Its amazing how just moving a piece of furniture can change your entire mood. I rearranged my living room today. Suddenly it looks so much more homey and cozy and grown up. It makes me want to spend time in it. And be at home more.
Just rearranging a few things in your life can create more peace and tranquility.  And make coming home much more relaxing.
What will you do?

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Day 21

I dare you to be proud of yourself.

I have to say I am pretty proud of how well I am doing. Three weeks straight. Not missing a day. And some days I have a hard time coming up with new dares. So if anyone has any suggestions let me know. And some days there may not be dares.
But still. I am going strong on something that is normally hard for me to keep up. And I am proud of myself.

What will you do?

Friday, January 27, 2012

Day 20

I dare you to show affection.

This is something that is a must for me to get through any day. I need to feel physical affection. Hugs and hand holding and a hand on the back is typically enough.

The hard thing for me is when someone that I normally exchange affection with doesn't reciprocate. It is not like I ask for much.

I hug all of my friends. I hug my family.
It is necessary. And it helps spread a good mood. If someone hugs you it makes you feel better so then if you turn around and give someone else a similar form of affection it will become a chain reaction.
We all know that sometimes you just need a hug. Why not give one too.

What will you do?

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Day 19

I dare you to state your opinion.

So my boss today... Got some sort of attitude and decided to speak to me in a very inappropriate tone. So I looked at him. Told him he was being inappropriate and walked out.
Felt Sooooo good.
Now to just actually walk out and give him the finger. 

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Day 18

I dare you to rest.

This has been hard for me lately since I am working three jobs. But my body decided to let me know the hard way that it is now time to rest.
I am now sick and exhausted and trying to keep up with my normal busy schedule. So this week could be interesting. But its a good sign that everything else can wait. For now I have to let my body rest. And sleep a lot.
We only get on body and one shot at this life thing so we have to remember to take care of it.

What will you do?

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Day 17

I dare you to groove.

My sister just gave me an mp3 player. I finally got all my music converted and put on it. So today while I was getting ready for work I put the head phones in. And just grooved.  I just let myself be part of the music. It got my blood pumping and took my mind off going to work. I started to feel better and was ready to go.
I don't mean dance. I mean groove. Let the music literally move you.

What will you do?

Monday, January 23, 2012

Day 16

I dare you to close your mouth.
This kind of fits a couple different areas. One being... Don't say everything that pops into your head. And the other.... Chew with your mouth closed.
I had an experience this weekend with a supervisor. He failed to tell me something specific about part of my opening routine at work but chewed me up one side and down the other because I had done it wrong. All I could do was shut my mouth.
The other thing is that I was raised to not chew with my mouth open. So listening to people chew makes me crazy! Shut your mouth. It is so gross to hear people eating and see the food in their mouth. I do not understand how any mother could pay no attention to her child eating like that and let them go their whole life being such a barbarian.
What will you do?

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Day 15

I dare you to give as much as you take.
We are all guilty of this. So I am not pointing fingers at anyone specifically. Ok... Maybe I am. Just a little bit.
So I love having my roommate and her boyfriend at the house. I love having people around. But every time I ask her boyfriend if he wants something to eat he always says no, that he doesn't want to be a mooch. Ok. That is fair. But lately I have noticed how much he does actually eat. Of my food. While I am gone.
I was just planning to let it go. Let it roll off my back. But this morning was my first full day off in a couple weeks. I slept in. When I got up I decided I wanted a cup of coffee. But when I open the cupboard I see that my coffee is gone. Not ok. I don't mind that he has used it all. But for real. Just replace it. How hard is it?
I just don't understand how people can just take take take. But when it comes to giving back they want nothing to do with it.
My upbringing trained me to give as well. Unfortunately sometimes I choose to give everything I have. But its better than taking everything that you have.
What will you do?

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Day 14

I dare you to be unique.

As I sit at work day in and day out I see a lot of people. Of all ages and sizes and ethnicities.  The thing that is so strange is that as a majority they are all striving to be something that everyone else is. Yet when someone comes along who is completely different then the rest, we notice because they stick out. But what if we were all 100% different from each other? Embracing our own personal opinions and beliefs and not listening to anyone else. You wouldn't notice it. It would just be "normal" . So why is normal So plastic? Who figures out what is normal or not?
Today I am going to start being just a little bit more unique. Nothing drastic. Just not exactly the same.

What will you do?

Day 13

I dare you to use some respect.

Ok. So my friend was in the hospital. I spent two days by his side. Called out of work. The whole thing. Twenty minutes after he was discharged he informed me he was going to the gym. Then the next morning he completely ignored what the doctor had said and ate scratchy food after numbing his throat. Two things that show no respect for my time wasted. I could have been working or resting but instead I was in the hospital with him.
It just blows my mind how people have absolutely no conscious idea of their actions and how they affect the people around them. Why is it so hard to be respectful?

What will you do?

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Day 12

I dare you to find something to sing about.
This one was my sister's idea. But it kind of links into my last couple days. I didn't blog yesterday because I spent the entire day in the hospital with a friend. His symptoms that made him go to the hospital turned into discovering a more severe issue.
On a day to day basis we tend to take our health for granted. Until something happens. Then we are miserable. But when we get better we appreciate it for a bit and then we take it for granted.
Last night, watching my friend in pain and suffering. I felt like I should be singing that I was lucky to be healthy.
But seriously find something to sing about. Be so grateful you are alive and well that you sing.
What will you do?

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Day 11

I dare you....

This one is open. I have had a busy and emotionally draining couple of days. I refuse to skip a day blogging but I fear I am too exhausted to come up with something clever.
So this one is in the hands of the beholder.

What will you do?

Monday, January 16, 2012

Day 10

I dare you to take one day at a time.

Today has been a test on this for me.
I worked all three jobs back to back. But my head is elsewhere. I found out last night right before bed that one of my friends was in the emergency room for a viral infection from a tooth infection that spread through her face and caused her to stop breathing. She had emergency surgery today because the infection had spread to her jaw bone and if it went any further it go into her brain. So that has been weighing heavily on my mind. And I am trying very hard to focus on getting through today with her. And not thinking about what could happen.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Day 9

I dare you to dance in the rain.

So I live in the northwest. Which mean that it rains a lot. But for some reason people have no idea how to function in it. Even though they deal with it more than sun. People forget how to drive and seem to think they will melt going outside.
I miss the days of the rain storms where every one wanted to go out and play in it. To dance and run and splash in puddles. That is the best way to deal with rain. Love it!

What will you do?

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Day 8

I dare you to stick with it.

Alright. So this is officially a week since I started blogging.  I am proud of myself because I stuck with it. With most things like this I tend to stop after a couple days. But I plan to continue blogging. Its a good outlet for me to have. Let some frustrations out and maybe somewhere down the line give someone something to read. This isn't intended necessarily as anything to preach or to give advise. It is merely suggestions and reminders.

What will you do?

Friday, January 13, 2012

Day 7

I dare you to laugh.

People take life way too seriously. You only get one shot. So laugh.
I laugh most of my day. Its almost disgusting sometimes. When I get started laughing. I can't stop. Its great.
I also laugh just like my mother. I would never have admitted this as a kid but now I am proud. We have a very contagious laugh. If you get the two of us going. Every one in the room is laughing but most people are laughing at us.
I don't mind being laughed at. I do mind when people make fun of my laugh. I know it is loud. I know it goes on for a long time. But in the end when you die at the age of 60 and I die at the age of 150. I will be the one laughing.

There is no point in going through life with a scowl. Laugh at a joke. Laugh with someone. Giggle when you see someone trip. Laugh when you see a squirrel drop a nut on someone. Its funny. Let it out.

What will you do?

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Day 6

I dare you to be the light.

I am actually aware of how cheesy this sounds. But some song lyrics kind of inspired me. The line says " so hold up your light and shine. All I want to see is a sky full of lighters." I think that is something for us all. Not just being bright and shiny and happy all the time but being a positive effect on someone else.
Its a proven fact that if you are walking down the street and smile at someone that they will pass it on.
I try to be a happy person. Especially with people I don't know or barely know. I just don't see the point in being the downer.
One of my favorite things about working in retail is being super friendly and out going. That way when people leave they are talking about how strange it was to have such a happy human help them. And yes... Sometimes it is hard to do but its totally worth it in the long run.

What will you do?

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Day 5

I dare you to not judge.

I was thinking this morning about a conversation I had with a friend. We were talking about another one of my friends and he told me not to ever invite him to hang out if she was there. We all worked together previously and when she first started, I didn't like her either. But she is the kind of person that grows on you. And she and I are close now. But it got me thinking. What is the point of judging people. Being so shallow and close minded that you can't even open your self up to a second chance.
Now don't get me wrong. I am not guilt free of judging. But I try to not make judgements that lock me into a mind set. And I usually give people way more chances then they deserve. So give someone a second chance to impress you.

What will you do?

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Day 4

I dare you to take a deep breath.

Sometimes when I am going through my day I let things get to me. Ok. It happens a lot. But it is usually the same thing over and over again. But taking a step back and literally taking a deep breath is soothing. It will honestly help before words that you later regret actually come out. When I go to work at the gym I have to remember that keeping mouth shut and taking a deep breath is necessary if I want to keep my job.

Monday, January 9, 2012

Day 3

I dare you to succeed.

This one is a little vague. Mostly it is just a reminder.  A reminder to focus on success. To not give up so easily.

What will you do?

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Day 2

I dare you to take the risk of jumping in with two feet.

I did it. I jumped in. Two feet forward. I now work in the food industry. Something I swore I would never do. But I think it is going to be fun. I will be working for someone who I have worked for before. So that cuts an issue out. And it is serving frozen yogurt. So it is very easy. But it will be a good experience and it is something completely new and different.

What will you do?

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Day 1

I dare you to make a commitment.

I committed to taking on a third job. Yes. A third one. But in the long run it will be to commit to finally quitting one of my other jobs that is actually more of a depression vortex than anything. Don't get me wrong. I love the girls that I coach and I love the opportunity to be part of something I am passionate about. But working for someone who has no concept of how to even exist as a semi normal human being is extremely hard to deal with. And I am almost to my three year mark at this job. I have put up with it long enough.

What will you do?