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Sunday, January 22, 2012

Day 15

I dare you to give as much as you take.
We are all guilty of this. So I am not pointing fingers at anyone specifically. Ok... Maybe I am. Just a little bit.
So I love having my roommate and her boyfriend at the house. I love having people around. But every time I ask her boyfriend if he wants something to eat he always says no, that he doesn't want to be a mooch. Ok. That is fair. But lately I have noticed how much he does actually eat. Of my food. While I am gone.
I was just planning to let it go. Let it roll off my back. But this morning was my first full day off in a couple weeks. I slept in. When I got up I decided I wanted a cup of coffee. But when I open the cupboard I see that my coffee is gone. Not ok. I don't mind that he has used it all. But for real. Just replace it. How hard is it?
I just don't understand how people can just take take take. But when it comes to giving back they want nothing to do with it.
My upbringing trained me to give as well. Unfortunately sometimes I choose to give everything I have. But its better than taking everything that you have.
What will you do?

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