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Friday, January 13, 2012

Day 7

I dare you to laugh.

People take life way too seriously. You only get one shot. So laugh.
I laugh most of my day. Its almost disgusting sometimes. When I get started laughing. I can't stop. Its great.
I also laugh just like my mother. I would never have admitted this as a kid but now I am proud. We have a very contagious laugh. If you get the two of us going. Every one in the room is laughing but most people are laughing at us.
I don't mind being laughed at. I do mind when people make fun of my laugh. I know it is loud. I know it goes on for a long time. But in the end when you die at the age of 60 and I die at the age of 150. I will be the one laughing.

There is no point in going through life with a scowl. Laugh at a joke. Laugh with someone. Giggle when you see someone trip. Laugh when you see a squirrel drop a nut on someone. Its funny. Let it out.

What will you do?

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