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Friday, March 16, 2012

Day 66

Holy emotional rollercoaster Batman!
Since Tuesday it has been a stream of days of inconsistency and a play on how much one can take.
I got excited that the battle with the gym was finally over and that I could write off that distress every week. But ha, joke is on me. Only to find out that yet again, Les has figured out how to pull it together at the last moment.
On top of that, Target is just as unstable. With the different levels of management consistently counter acting each others decisions, its hard to just get simple tasks done.
And then the yogurt shop. As if trying to satisfy Kawika wasnt hard enough, now we ad Will into the equation. He is so stoned and can barely even function as a human being, let alone the manager of a business.
Today, he showed up two hours early, unaware of what day it was. Then when I asked Kawika if I should stay or not, he said yes. But then showed up a few minutes later with lunch for him and Will. Then, Will offers me what is left of his after he shoveled it into his mouth. Please. I want nothing to do with anything that has even come into close vicinity to your mouth. Ugh.
I hate that I have three jobs that are literally destroying my very being. I am trying so hard to salvage the inner me. And every time I get a leg up, something like this happens. Thanks for making me feel worth less.
Oh well, tomorrow is a new day. 

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  1. Don't let this get you down, my sweet. Let it be the impetus for improvement in your circumstances. And in the meantime, be glad that the current circumstances don't define you. You are your wonderful self and no one and nothing can take that away from you!