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Saturday, March 17, 2012

Day 67

I had a good day today up until the end. I worked, and then cleaned my room and did laundry all while watching Lord of the Rings. Then this boy in my life picked me up and we spent four hours at OMSI. We looked around at all the displays and checked out the super cool Lego exhibit, went to the Planetarium and saw a show on black holes and then... He took me to the IMAX about the Orangutan orphan rescue. Yup. He likes me. It was so awesome and made me really inspired to get back into that field. I think its time to buckle down and do some research on getting an internship or something to one of these places. I need to play with monkeys.
Then we went to a nice dinner at a pub that gets its meat from Carlton Farms. So that was good. Then we came back home and had a long talk about where we both want to go and how we are sitting as far as this relationship goes.
Then I went to a bonfire at some other friends house.
Then I came home. And checked the mail. Now... my good day has come to a screeching halt. In the mail was a confirmation from the Post Office of a change of address for Hans. He has changed his address to mine. Then to top it off... I get on Facebook and for the second time he has changed his status to talking shit about Ben. Not ok. I am so offended and I feel like he totally went behind my back with the change of address thing. I guess maybe I should look for a new place to live come May. I feel like I have absolutely no say in a place that I pay rent. He seems to have taken over. I have no energy for the fight.

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