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Monday, March 12, 2012

Day 62

I have gotten two phone calls in the last week from a staffing agency trying to offer me a job in Boulder, Colorado. I have no idea where this is coming from but I want to call them just to see what it is. I just have to have a few minutes of my day to make the phone call during normal business hours.
Also, in the last week, I have received messages from three different friends telling me they are using me as a character reference for things for them.
I feel like that is a pretty big deal. I feel like, out of all the people that they know, they are choosing me to be the character reference. That they picked me, out of all these people, and trust that I will make them look good so that they can achieve whatever it is.
So that is pretty cool.

I got my new shoes today. And I love them! I also was told that the same person that is buying me shoes basically has no intention of stopping when it comes to buying me nicer things. Which for the most part is ok. I cant afford nice things at this point so if someone else wants to get them for me... I wont refuse. But, this person is having a hard time understanding that I wont just ditch the things that are being replaced. I will hang on to them until they are actually un usable. I am not one to wear something a few times and get rid of it. They have to be actually falling apart for me to just discard them. And for whatever reason, apparently that doesnt make sense to some people.

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