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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Day 69

Nick names are a very bizarre thing when you really sit down and think about them. Ha ha. I have some weird nick names for people. My friend Alyssa is Rosenip. Janessa is J Money! (Exclamation mark included). Roxanne is Rockstarsan (Thank you Sam).  And in return... I have some strange ones that have been given to me. Triple Nickel, Rosenip, Monkeyshine, Balemily.
It is just bizarre to me how something starts and then just turns into the norm. Our animals growing up were much the same way. Rarely being called by their actual names.

So tonight is a friends birthday party. I have not talked to her or seen her in months. Could be interesting. Thank you Target for giving me the excuse to duck out early if necessary.

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