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Thursday, March 22, 2012

Day 71

So for the first time in my life, I got fired today. For no reason. I got fired for asking my boss to answer a question for me. Its really frustrating because I know that I was doing way more for their business than anyone else there. But I have peace in knowing that shit is going to hit the fan there now that I am gone. If I was the only one cleaning then the manager, who is the laziest person alive, is certainly not going to pick up where I left off.
But at least I know that I did nothing wrong. And karma is inevitable.
I am just going to call the necessary people to make sure that they are not off the hook. Plus, I will remove as much business from them as I can.
The business goes against so many health codes its not even funny.
No sanitary prep stations
Using sponges to wash dishes
Not replacing the sponges very often
Using expired product
Not regulating the temps of the machines
Keeping bags of trash in the kitchen
Not sanatizing sinks
Not changing toppings when they get others mixed in
Not throwing out re run product before it goes sour
Not cleaning the drains of the machines and letting them fill with sour dairy product
Will not showering before work and smelling like weed
Not sending employees home when they are coughing and sneezing

Just to name a few

And also for running two businesses its pretty impressive that they would suggest to pay me under the table. it is my own fault for excepting that but its not going to come back well on them. Also making their employees work eight hour shifts with out any breaks.

The communication is horrible. They wont even respond to phone calls or texts from employees and are not mature enough to have a meeting with an employee first.

But... this too shall pass and karma will take them down.

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